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Thread: Thanks to Shiela

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    Thanks to Shiela

    I am not sure if its been done but i would like to say a big big thank you to JayB,s woman who looked after the SD stand i had a couple of slices of her fruit cake and the odd biscuit home made of coarse. I then find a wee box on the stand with my name on it , In it were pots and pots of home made jams and Marmalade's. She has won many conditions for her Jams and i can vouch for there flavour. Always a we bit of alcohol in her jam,s and i am sitting just now with pineapple and galiano Jam on toast and a hot coffee dose life get better.

    Thanks sheila do you want a new hubby.

    Hope you make it down next year .

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    Seconded. I hate to say it but in all likelihood it was Shiela's hospitality and fantastic baking that was the reason so many people came to talk to us, rather than John and my sparkling personalities but hey ho!

    I've just counted the leftover cups and I make it about 125 cups of tea and coffee served to thirsty SD members (and a few imposters ) and lord knows how many slices of cake! Thanks for all your hard work Shiela!


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    Did you ever complete that level on your Nintendo?
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    Too busy babysitting this place to touch my Nintendo these days Andy

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    Sheila said you are welcome David, I of course said something else!

    Andy thanks again for the first aid pack donations, I will find them a good home.

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    Here Here out standing woman needs a medal for catering for so many reprobates .

    Roller skates for you next year John.

    Well done to the SD team that took there time to meet and greet so many, very nice to meet Alex ,John & Sheila ,most certainly the woman of the day .

    It would have been nice if the invisible man, Malcolm could have been there to support the SD team present.

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    Nice to meet John and Sheila a lovely peiceo
    of cake from good friendly people a good show well done Brian Steve and everyone involved
    ​ Tom
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