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Thread: finally booked some stalking

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    finally booked some stalking

    going out on the fallow any suggestions what to take

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    Dont forget the camera. We want to see pics

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    Rifle matching Ammo, camera, Boots not wellies comfortable quite clothing wind and waterproof Binos you will no doubt be accompanied do not be too proud to ask your stalker.I have had people turn up with some odd gear!

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    what to take

    the right bolt for the rifle. the right ammunition. (speaking as a man who has at various times forgotten both)


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    Banger (a.k.a. rifle)
    Bipod (a.k.a. sticks)
    Bumf (a.k.a. FAC, BASC/proof of insurance, wallet)

    After these essentials you can then think of some luxuries

    In my stalking bum-bag I carry:
    knife (plus spare)
    latex gloves
    food bags (for pluck)
    digital camera
    para cord
    marker tape (in case of tracking)
    torch + batteries
    gambrel, spreader + S-hooks
    deer sling (for carrying roe and/or muntjac)

    As you are after fallow you can probably dispense with the last two or three.


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    Please take a face veil and gloves.

    I have found the 'Buff' to be the most useful option - does the job, but easily pulled out the way if you have to talk to a member of the public etc.

    I hate having the white bits all shiny and exposed - the veil also gives some protection against bugs.



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