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Thread: the wrong trousers.....

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    the wrong trousers.....

    Why is it so hard to find a pair of trousers that are not £300, hewn from a solid block of some man-made plastic or lined with shiney nylon!!
    I just want a pair of trousers that are comfortable, hard wearing, don't rustle like a tesco bag, don't make you sweat like a rapist in court and that I don't have to sell a kidney to afford!!

    I searched all the exhibitors at the Kelos fair and jsut when I thought I found some that looked Ok I looked inside to find a teflon/nylon/polyester liner!! or a six figure price tag!! or they were 44" waist and a 30" leg!!

    They don't have to be totally waterproof, I am not going seafishing off dogger bank, just wandering through some woods!

    who owns something like what i am after?

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    Sako 75 6.5x55mm-Z6i 3-18x50. MauserM12 .308-SIII 6-24x50. Beretta 690 III Field 12b.
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    Any of the Ridgeline polar fleece pants,in green,black or camo are very good.
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    Arktis/Country Covers. My favourite stalking gear, there is little warmth in the gear apart from it being wind and waterproof (you can buy the non waterproofed gear and use Cotton Proof on it), but it lasts and is well made.


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    I must say simon i was really impressed with the country covers clothing and i will be getting a smock ,nice gear and finally had the chance to fondle one at the fair,atb wayne
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    forgot to mention I hate Cammo of any description.

    I would rather run out of petrol than be caught on the forecourt of a filling station in cammo trousers!!

    Will have a look at the Arktis things, not sure Polar fleece is the material for me in the trouser department. sounds bloody hot!

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    Stealth gear photographers trousers

    Bloody superb bud. £80

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    Haglofs Pant Rugged Mountain Bracken

    Haglofs Pant Rugged Mountain Reg Leg 600824 Bracken

    These are superb. I'd have a pair but they are sized for lanky swedes. Medium fits me perfectly except I have 29 inch leg, not 34. Even considered getting some cut down, but the construction is detailed and complicated.

    UK dealers say the same, but Haglofs don't seem to be interested in (greatly) expanding their market to include the average shaped Anglo Saxon.

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    They look good trousers. Have you actually got a pair and how waterproof and warm are they?

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