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Thread: Members generosity

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    Members generosity

    I would like to extend a big thank you to our members who bought a car sticker at the show over the weekend, the proceeds of the sale will go into our bursary pot to help new stalkers through their level 1. We were charging £3.00 a sticker, the same as a pint at the show, our thinking being instead of buying a new stalker a pint contribute towards getting them through their level 1, the sales raised £152.71p .

    Thanks to our good friends at Moray Outfitters we also have a couple of first aid kits to give away to new stalkers.

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    Hi John

    Any chance of buying one as I wasn't at the show?

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    Just going to ask the same question. Couldn't make show. Can i source one from somewhere else?



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    Quote Originally Posted by iainfarthing View Post
    Hi John

    Any chance of buying one as I wasn't at the show?



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    Quote Originally Posted by dlz90 View Post

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    Hi administrators!
    ​How about some TSD pins...? Would fit good on my hat and caps!!??
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    John could i ask for a first aid kit please and don't send it to me send it straight to SAV

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    Never saw the car stickers how can i buy one?

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    Nice amount and going to a good cause
    well done to all that donated

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    A little SD lapel badge would be a handy thing. I've been to several "country sports" type events since joining here, and have undoubtedly missed the opportunity of making the aquaintance of other SD members 'cos i don't know who they are! Might have stood behind one of you in the queue, or sat beside you to eat my lunch, and neither of us any the wiser.

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