As well as the Belgiun and the S.Sampson advertised, i've decided to sell the following:

1 x Browning A5 12G s/a 3 shot 28" barrel - ribbed barrel 28" LOP 14 1/2 Lovely old gun that works well and is in very good cond., not really had it shooting heavy loads as its just been used as hide gun, cycles 26-28g carts well clean throughout. 200 ovno

1 x 12G AYA Yeoman DTNE 28" barrels LOP 14 3/4 Again well used lovely peice that comes up beautifully after every clean, bores good and face clean. Small 'wear' crack in side of fore end - nothing to worry about. Lovely dark wood, 180 ovno

Trying to get some gone to afford a Bennelli S/a or a Betty Extrema II or I 3.5" steel proofed cannon for geese!