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Thread: dog getting a wee bit excited

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    Question dog getting a wee bit excited

    Noticed ma wee lab bitch getting a wee bit excited when am pulling the trigger on roe now the min the shot goes off she seems to be off like a shot any pointers

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    Back on the lead and back to basics. It will be harder to fix. If shooting multiple targets things could take a turn for the worse.

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    Dont let her in after the shot unless the deer is lost and only then after a good 20 mins.

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    Cheers bud the worst thing is when zeoring ma rife she sits fine and doesn't move at all but the last few roe ave seen ave been reallyclose in about no more than 30 yards away just sitting at bits and theve been popping out no time to even get a shot off

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    Dont let her in after the shot unless the deer is lost and only then after a good 20 mins.
    I give. That a try bud need to get this sorted out quick style atb

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    Either go out with someone else so u are only working and concentrating on the dog so u can stop it instantly if it moves. Really same as gundog running into shot.

    Pretty hard to fix on ur own esp if u are concentrating on the shot/stalk and the after shot/deers reaction.
    Only thing i can think off is put a collar on dog with rope with a big handle before u take shot push ur walking stick into ground throu handle so it's sort of anchored. Not really ideal in a stalking situ thou.
    Other thing collar on with a long line attached dragging so u can stand on line if/when dog runs in to stop it, again not ieal in a stalking situation.

    Think u are going to have to go on a pretend stalk (so different than zeroing) stalk as normal fire a round of into a safe banking hopefully the dog will think it's real and u will be able to react without worrying wot's happened to the deer if u get my meaning. Basically set up a situation where the dog thinks is real and will run in but ur in a position to stop it.

    If u get it stoped do as 6p says and keep it sat still and steady u should be able to leave it there inspect the strike and come back for it without it moving, guessing up till now u have been letting ur dog run in from the firing point wether needed or not, he's just antcipating ur command.

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    You very much need to go back to basic training. Sit, stay. You probably have created this situation by allowing her to seek shot deer immediately after shot. She has learned shot fired, time to go to find the deer. Exactly the same as running in on shot gamebirds. Until you get the sit/stay properly instilled leave her at home or in the car when you go stalking. After you do get the sit/stay on a reliable basis take her back out with a mate shooting so that you are ready to immediately stop her if required. Do not let her seek shot deer unless you cannot find them yourself.

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