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Thread: Rare Schmidt & Bender...

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    Rare Schmidt & Bender...

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    I have been holding on to this 6x42 Schmidt and Bender for some time now, unsure of what to do with it. I was wondering if anybody on here has ever owned/ seen one like it. I have done some research and shown several gunsmiths etc, but nobody has seen one with these target-style turrets. I have been told it is prbably from around the 1960's. I have used it mounted upon a .243 and it is still perfectly usable. The glass, although lightly scratched from previous poor cleaning, is still crisp and the scope gives a nice, bright sight picture to this day.
    Really, I was hoping to get a general idea of how many there are, if it's a collectable item and if so, how much may it be worth if i was to sell it.

    Any advice is welcome and I'm sure that there will be somebody on here who can help me out.
    All the best, and look forward to the replies.

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    Why not e-mail Schmidt Bender and ask them.

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