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Thread: An easier second

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    An easier second

    Yesterday, Sunday morning, saw me back out in the woods with Ben in the hopes of shooting a second deer.

    I arrived at our meeting point at just gone half six in the morning and after a quick conflab we set out to stalk through the same patch of woodland in which I had shot my first deer on Monday last.
    Not really a lot to report about this one I guess, Ben and I made our way down the ride and in to the glade where we were to begin the stalk and there was a Sika hind stood looking right at us from behind a few trees, Ben asked if I wanted to shoot her or to stalk passed and see if we could get in to some Fallow?

    I said I would be happy to shoot her so Ben said that we should move forward and that if she went righ handed in to the glade she would be a safe shot, forward we went, right handed she went and stood right in the middle of the glade broad side on, quartering just a little towards us and again looking right at us, Ben handed me the rifle and I got settled on the sticks and placed the sights half way up her body just behind the front leg, settled my breathing and gently squeezed the trigger.

    This time I saw the strike, saw the hair fly and watched as she jumped and threw her front legs forward and took off like a race horse accross our front, now for some reason I'm fine before and during the shot but after the shot has gone I'm in bits, I made the rifle safe and handed it back to Ben and then after I had stopped shaking and my breathing had slowed went to find the strike.

    At the strike we found just a few cut hairs but no blood and so we started to work our way down the path she had taken searching all the time for a blood trail, after a while I was begining to worry again when Ben shouted me from down the hill and there she lay stone dead behind a root plate about a hundred yards from where she was shot.
    My bullet had struck a little far back cutting the bottom off both lungs but hadn't gone far enough back to hit the liver.

    The rest of the morning we spent just having a wander around the woods, looking for a deer for Ben but although we bumped a few fallow we couldn't get a shot.

    All in just another amazing day out in an amazing place and all thanks to some amazing people, now where did I put that FAC application form......................?


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    Told you it would become a habit.

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    Got to get out and find my own ground now so I can get my ticket!

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    You don't need your own ground to get that. Nor would I suggest you are likely to find any. You obviously done level 1 but from reading your post wonder if you would want to put yourself in the position of lone stalker. Making all the decisions, having no back up and with only 2 deer under your belt. I don't discourage your enthusiasm I was in your position not so very long ago. I think you will get far more enjoyment out of doing some more stalks under the supervision of a decent guy, who is prepared for you to go ahead a way and stalk an area, not to mention get stuck in to the blood and guts. Time you've taken some more and know you made the correct decisions with good out come you will now you ready to get out alone. Then you'll have the confidence and ability to take on your own ground.
    For now try and enjoy the learning curve and time spent with a knowledgeable guide or two. You will have decades to walk round alone.
    ​BTW good work on the 2nd. Glad the nerves steadied.

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    Good point, mind you I would be happy with a bit of ground that would allow me to hold a .22lr and do a bit of rabbiting.

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