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    Weekends stalk

    04.45 I pulled into a small wood to meet up with Bandit Country and to be joined with another member off this site. A plan was hatched and BC would take his guest in one direction after they had dropped me off at the other end of the farm in the attempt to intercept some fallow after thier noturnal feeding out on some rape and grass fields. We had stalked thursday evening where I had bumped a small parcel on the grass fields after the sheep had been moved off thier wintering grounds.
    I headed off to wait to where the fallow were on the last vist. The snow on the ground made it look a lot lighter than in previous visits.
    The night slowly turned to the grey of early morning and still no sign of any movement, now by this time I had been waiting for just over an hour in the freezing snow and a bitter wind. I text BC and said I'm startingto stalk round the woodland boundery to where they were waiting out.
    From my position I headed down into the dip I was covering and found fresh slots from the previous night they were heading in the same direction I was stalking. Up the bank and slowly peered over the rise which looks down into another bowl which has a wild bird seed conservation patch planted and fenced off. As I looked over the unmistakable same of a dark fallow doe and then another 2 joined her from her left.
    Slowly edged forward and got the sticks set up, Then something got thier attention from inside the wood. All 3 started to get twitchy and 2 of them took off back into the wood.
    The first doe ,looking into the wood, offered a perfect broadside shot and the 30-06 cracked. She kicked, ran 20m and she was down.
    gave her a bit of time and a few texts were exchanged with BC.
    I went over and dragged her back to sort her out. On inspection the bullet had taken the top of the heart and smashed her lungs.

    By this time I was joined BC and his guest and got the doe in the drag sled. I look easier in the snow, we could of all jumped on and sled back down the hill to the truck.

    Got her in the truck and off to another patch to try and catch up with some muntys that have maoved in but with the cold easterly wind and so much snow on the ground and on the trees it was nearly as bad visability wise as stalking in full summer leaf cover.

    So we headed back home to sort the doe out and a bacon butty and a cuppa.

    She weighed in at 66lb larder weight.


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    Well done Jon, not a lot of lung left there !

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    Well done jon and a good result in tricky conditions

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    Nice one Jon, I had a fallow doe on Friday myself, although there was no snow on the ground it was bitterly cold. I'm surprised we saw much at all. Good result given the conditions.


  5. #5 you were glad of a brew & a butty mate after a few hours in those temperatures!!

    Good result.
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    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildboar1973 View Post
    Tate Modern, here I come Micheal......

    Yep a brew was the order of the day.

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    Nice write up!! I hope you had about 20 layers on for that weather!! Good pictures too. The 30-06 sure makes a decent wound channel!
    Aim Small, Miss Small

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    Nice one Jono, well done mate

    Catch up soon

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