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Thread: Post rut lull

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    Post rut lull

    Do all the bucks dissapear on your ground in the period after the rut? I have to admit after seeing alot of bucks in April & May they all seemed to dissapear in June and July (plenty of does) and although I've seen 1 or 2 without a shot being on the rut has been pretty quiet.

    Ive also heard of a false rut in September. Whats your experience of this

    Basically, am i wasting my time going out in the next few weeks?

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    I'm not convinced we had a rut here this year! I've had several Bucks in the last few weeks but none seemed to be rutting. I've had numerous attempts and days out calling but nothing has come to the call (except Munties! ) I keep seeing does and fawns but with no bucks in attendance. I don't think I've shot them all!!
    Maybe the false rut will be the real one this year?

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    Monkey, exactly what you said. Nothing came to b'low and I've not seen a buck do anything here in Dumfries and Galloway. All crap this summer so i'm off north to chase sika,

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    Post rut lull

    I watched a small buck chasing a doe, he served her, I haven't seen any other activity since, this was during the last week of July. Last year was the same, like monkeyspanker, who's area ajoins mine, I feel there hasn't been a real rut at all. Trust me, when there is, you will find rutting rings, the deer will come readily to the call, a great time to be out just seeing your deer. Could be linked to the poor summer again, my pro mates are saying the same, some activty, not like previouse years I've watched a friend [F.C. ranger] call deer from 4 fields away come in like express trains, global warming? we may as well blame it. Hows your area doing M/S, we've had some reds pas thro, theres a big fallow buck moving around as well. deerwarden

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    Plenty of rutting activity down in these 'yer parts'.

    Lots of bucks found tending, a few watched chasing - either does or other bucks. Limited success with the calling however.

    Yep - definately had a rut down here. Not looking forward to the boiling out!

    Stringer - the rut normally does not start until late July, usually co-inciding with my wanting to attend the CLA Game Fair! It will often come to a peak around the 10th of August.



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    Definately had a rut down here but it seems to be over now,took two bucks evening before last out feeding alone, took six in the two weeks before that all with does except one young buck which was chased off by a good buck with a doe,i managed to call him in with buttalo but other than that its been a waste of time calling.
    ATB Neil

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    There has certainly been a rut here abouts, the other half called 4 though my calling efferts have been on the whole a waste of time, but we did manage to finish the buck cull with 6 taken during the rut, roll on the does

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    Not had much luck with the call either (and I thought it was just my crap technique!!). They'll lift their heads and have a look but no real interest in investigating further.

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