My planning for a good long weekend away from it all started a few weeks ago when I had to make the decision of whether to go to Kelso for the weekend or to attend the NGO Dog tracking day. Given that Dexter my Teckel is now 8 months old and has definitely started showing an interest in deer and me being totally clueless how to train a hound, I decided that the dog must come first. The booking was made, the decision taken. My first good choice as it turns out as it looks like Kelso has many more years in front of it and next year will probably be even better.

The next thing on my list revolved around my .243 and my .308. My .243 is a heavy barrel that I was foolishly talked into buying 6 months ago.

I help out my best friend on his Deer Park and have been banned from shooting there for the last year due to the fact that my .308 SHR970 is not moderated. The opportunity came up at renewal to aquire the .243 At the same time I purchased a JetZ moderator which just so happened to be a .30 cal version. Finally I got fed up with carrying around this very long and heavy "fairground gun" (as my mate calls it, see pic 1) and did a deal to buy the gun I really wanted a Ruger No1 in .257 Roberts and I got it trade price So now if I can get my SHR970 threaded then jobs a good'un. Herein stepped BobJS and recommended Neil McKillop who as it so happens is just outside Reading where the NGO dogs for deer day I'm booked on is being held. A quick phone call and the date and time was set for threading. And what a good job it was too.

So leave house Friday morning (Dorset) drive to Reading via gunshop for some new sling mounts, then to McKillop eng. threading takes place. After threading zero rifle then go stalking. Nothing seen due to howling easterly.
Up Sat morning, it's snowing. Bugger it I'll go out anyway. See 2x nice bucks and 6x does all out in the snow feeding. Shame really because I really came looking for a Munty. Out on different ground in evening and see another nice 6pt and 4x does. Decide to shoot a yearling.
Out Sunday morning. No mucking about this morning as I have to go about 5 miles to the NGO dogs day. So I pick my nearest piece of ground. I glass one area, nothing. Go to another vantage point. Oh hell Munty buck looking to move into cover about 400m away. I know the track he has taken and I know exactly where he's looking to go, so I pile out of the car, load up and run 150m through an open field to where there is one large beech tree for cover and wait.Eventually he emerges from the bramble covered gully and starts to trot over open ground towards his next destinationa pond with some brambles as he reaches it he slows and stops broadside as I shout "OI" twice. BOOM (a small boom) goes the newly silenced .308 and a Munty, my target for the weekend, falls.

Now maybe I was cheating a bit but in 2.5 hrs I had a dogs for deer day. I had Dexter with me, I knew the route the deer had taken, so what the hell. I checked the munty was dead (didn't want a mauled Teckel) and went and got him. Anyway to cut this long story short he hit the track with only foot scent and eventually got to the deer. It goes to show how sensitive they're noses really are because he had only seen Roe before and he approached this munty very carefully as he didn't know what it was.

1.5 hrs later we were at the deer for dogs day ( I think I'm going to write a separate thread) and just to finish on the 100 mile journey home I took a detour and dropped off 100x nosler partitions and cases to BUNNYDOOM for his .243 as I have sold the gun to the my best mate, who talked me into buying it in the first place for use as an estate rifle.