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Thread: how good is this wee .222

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    how good is this wee .222

    Fitted the new Swaro 8x50 to the Tika .222 and took it out for it`s test run yesterday.
    The weather was ****, windy as hell and freezing, but as usual the M595 impressed.. certainly impressed my mate who was along with me.

    Quick vid,, also for anyone wondering how quiet a .222 is with a wildact P8

    And the result. One very very happy bunny

    And no,, it`s not a joke. 55gr gameheads Sako factory ammo. 100mtrs 3 round grouping

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    An exemplary group . . . I am just awaiting delivery of a .222 which will be my main roe rifle.

    By all reports the .222 is a fantastically accurate cartridge.

    I used to shoot a .223 at the roe and really liked it . . . i'm hoping the .222 will impress just as much.

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    An excellent group, and good to meet you and your good lady on Saturday. Best regards JCS

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    At the mo I have been using 55 gr sako rounds, and they really knock the Roe down,, hard hitters and after using it I`ll never shoot a Roe with anything bigger again.

    I have actually went onto 50gr heads as 55`s are too hard to find just now. I expect them to do the job just as well.

    You`ll be impressed,, trust me

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    Nice to meet you again John. No doubt I will be catching up with you again soon, as Mark has convinced me off my need for BDS membership !

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    Well got to say that's better than good, .222 arguably the most accurate rifle up to around the 200mark.


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    Quality bit of kit. The 222 and the 8x50 are a great match.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    One interesting point

    The Swaro has a number 7 ret, The hairs actually completely cover the small bull on those targets, but it is still sooo acurate, The Meopta that was on before had finer hairs, but the swaro still groups like that even with the thicker hairs

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    Looks as though you've got a cracking set up there Rake Aboot.
    I take my hat off to you fella , the .222 is one of the best calibres out there for Roe
    and of course a real sweet shooter.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    I can`t imaging how I would improve that set up with different kit tbh,, I reckon I have the best I`ll be able to get. Nothing I`d want to replace now that the scope is fitted

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