hello tonight me and another member went for a stalk with his friend mark we were gien the western end of the field facing a large wood while the friend took the eastern end.so off we walked around the perimitter til we reached our sit up and wait point,after about 30 minutes a sika prickett came out of the cover i gestured to olivhar and he gave me the thumbs up.the young prickett stood with its back to us just down over the egde of a field out of safe shot ,so patience being a virtue i waited for the shot .it was quiet happily feeding and me never shooting a sika before did not want to mess this up eventually it walked back towarsd the cover then it stopped raised it head.and that was the last thing he did i was very pleased with my first sika a good clean safe head shot from the bipod at about 80 yards.then after some time i noticed olivhar raise to his knees and rest his rifle on a post 2 very quick shots and a nice stag and a larger prickett were lying on the floor.another excellent stalk and good to get out thanks olivhar and mark