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Thread: Who's a handsome boy then

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    Who's a handsome boy then

    I took Niko and my Teckle charlie to a dog show just for hunting dogs.
    Niko was best in breed in the kopov class. I was suprised as he is moulting and had been rolling in cow ****. He did have a rather strong smell of cow dung about him .
    Charlie got a second place in his class.
    This show is a good day out and a place to meet people in the hunting world and old friends.
    Had a senior moment and left the camera at home was looking to take some pictures of some of the dogs on show. There were for the first time the Bavarians and Hanovarians on show this year as well as the Kopovs.

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    Nice looking dog and nice transit boxes as well! 8)

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    That Niko is a lovely looking dog I could really go for one of them, when we get boar I might consider it.

    Is that Daves box? or do you and Dave have his and hers trucks?

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    Nosher, The boy decided he had no use for the dog box so we did a deal.
    Fits nice in the Mitsubishi . There are a few boar about here and in a couple of years will have a huntable population. Bosse is busy building feeders. I will build a feeder up on the old potato field and slap a bit of tar about
    The foreman at work was out svamp plockning over the weekend near Monstad, thats near Torsbo. No svamp because the boar had eaten them all.
    Hope to loose Niko of on the boar in October but must do a bit more training in the vildsvin hägn first.

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    nice going Alan
    looks like Niko is turning out extra special
    even saved you forking out on a months supply of nosh
    thats what i call a dog

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