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Thread: when it finally all goes right then wrong again.

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    when it finally all goes right then wrong again.

    well. i might start with saying i dont really like shooting doe's even more so this time of year also in no a* in english so i have to appologise.anyway i have a gamekeeper friend who lets me manage the roe deer on this estate. over the past 3 years i have managed to get away with just shooting 5-10 bucks a year and leaving the doe's alone to build up numbers. but a couple of months ago i had a phone call saying it was getting a bit silly now and needed afew shooting off. i'd tried in the pheasant season to shoot some off but with the weekly shoot the roe moved in and out daily and i was very hard to get on them or count on them being there( the land is around 11/2 hours from home so i cant pop over as much as id like) as always with work commitments and the genaral crap weather this was the first weekend free since feb and which a good friend dave was able to join me. so anyway we set off from home at 3.30 to arrive at the ground for 5. i arrived at the land a dropped dave off at the top of the first wood while i drove down the road to park at the keepers house. as i drove down the lane a noticed 3 does and a buck not 6 yard from the road. nice clean buck first ive seen this year. so i park up at the yard and make my way back towards where id seen the roe. i got within aound 50 yard and could see the buck feeding happily on the bank and the 3 does on the road. i had a good look at each doe and decided to take the far right doe hoping to get a chance at another. i had a steady shot off on the sticks and a perfect broadside shot. the roe stumbled and ran about 20 yards but the other 3 ran but an unexpected way. i waited for 5 min and went over to check my doe which was stone dead. i still had in the back of my mind that the roe would want to head back toward that wood.i left the roe where it dropped and went to meet dave back at the yard. after a 5 min chat about my stalk and a couple of does he had bumped i told him to go and wait back near my doe while i went and got breakfast going. as i reached the house i hearded a shot ring out, over breakfast dave told me that he settle in on the edge of the wood hoping too see the deer walk back towards him when he heard a crack in the wood behind him a single doe had moved up after a few minuetes stand off it turned and offered a neck shot and dropped to the shot. so at 7.30 we had 2 in the larder and very keen for another stalk so breakfast over i sent dave on his way over the far side while i watch a bank between 2 woods on the bottem end of the estate and finished my coffee off. being there no longer than 10 mins when out jumped 2 does rilfe up and ready on the bipod i watched as they made there way across the clearing, at about 80 yard i barked and the first doe stopped dead i let off a round into the chest it ran about 20 yard a fell the other was unaware of the shot due the the high wind and slowly carried on across, a quick shuffle across and down went the other doe. now 9 am 4 does down i couldnt believe how i had ever had so much truble getting at them before. i caught up with dave and he had filled me in that he had seen 6 but not managed to get a shot off. so now around 10.30 after messing aound in the larder and more coffee we decided to head up to see another keeper friend. on arrivel he was just popping out so told us to go into the forestery block on the edge of his moor to becuase he had seen alot of deer trade and not being keen on stalking told us to try knock afew off. with it being lunch by now we decide to take our rifles but just had a walk and a recon of the area of the evening or next visit. with the block being around 300 acres we just walked normally looking for signs. there seemed to have been alot more deer damage than before and was looking good for the evening. we then thought we would have a look at last years clear fell where he said he bumped some while tracing foxes. we just reached the top when dave thought he could see a does laid down on the snow. with it being 1.30pm howling wind and a dusting of snow i thought this to be very unlikley but we got dowm and glassed the area. as we looked at which turned out to be a tree stump 4 roe( a good buck and 3 doe's) walk staight out of the vally towards us. having aready shot 3 that morning i let dave take the fist shot with dropped on the spot then they ran about 30 yards but still unable to locate us due to the wind they went back to the first doe he then shot the 2nd doe, it ran about 10 yards and fell the single buck and doe ran directly toward us which i couldnt resist not no shoot. all 3 does down and a good buck left for the rut. both dave and i had not really expected to see any never mind shot 3. back down to the house and back up on the quad i could hardly belive how the day had gone so far. 7 roe down and a evening stalk to go. after chatting to the keeper which was very happy we managed to get 3 he told us about a other bit of land which he had see roe trade and would we like to have a pop at them. always keen to try new land we headed off to a moor edge with a beech edge.with the cold north wind blowing into it really didnt expect to see any but thought best have a look to keep him happy. having walk for about 200 yard we spotted movment int he edge infront, 2 does and 2 bucks browsing of the edge. after a crawl and wait the smallest doe showed a clear chest shot and dropped on the spot. both pleased as punch 8 roe down all keepers happy job well done. just a 11/2 drive and larder work to go and i would have been a fantastic day. this is when it all went wrong, the car died! fuel pump blocked now worried aa will sort it out, 15 min aa turn up cant belive my luck but no he cant do anything 'only way getting home is on a flat back truck' im informed. so 4 hour wait 2 journey and £110 lighter home sweet home. setting off at 3.30 am arriving home at 1.30am next day. still had a fantastic. in total we had seen 16 doe's and 5 bucks. i know it seems a lot of roe shot in a day but up until 3 weeks ago i had not shot a doe in 3 years due to trying to build my stock up and a general feeling about shooting doe's but with the situation i have with my rights i have to do what the estate wants or risk losing it to others or lamp.

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    Great right up, look forward each lunchtime to sitting down and catching up with what others have been doing

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    Cracking read yorkshire lad i was with you all the way.

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    its the same land you shot you bronze head mate.

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    Really enjoyed reading that, well done.

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    A fantastic right up chap.

    “Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Prioritize your passion. It keeps you sane.”
    ― Criss Jami

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