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Thread: Swaro slc binos??

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    Swaro slc binos??


    I am looking at buying some secondhand swarovski slc binos.
    The question is which are best when it comes to magnification in low light??
    r macloed have a few different pairs on their website so any input would be helpful as I will be buying blind.

    Regards Steve

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    hi,stevei have a pair off 7x50 slc and find them very good in low light conditions the only downside i can see is the extra weight and if i had the money i would go for the 8.5x42 el, cheers the scudd

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    I have a pair of 7 x 42's SLC's and wouldn't swap them for anything! Not too heavy, not too bulky, pin sharp, superb contrast in shadow areas to be able to see into those shady areas and pick out the tell-tales that indicate a deer there.

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    I agree with Roe Hunter. The 7x42SLCs are as good a balance of weight vs light gathering & clarity as you could hope for. You won't be disappointed

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    i had a look through some x7 slcs the other night and the quality of the image was v good. problem was i couldnt make out if the roe we were looking at had a buck amoungst them at a distance of 4-500 yds. i have been using x8 (not swaro) and find that mag preferable.
    I have just ordered a pair of 10x42 from mcleods as i prefer more mag in general. A friend of mine uses a cheap pair of 15 power bins to be able to identify head gear at range then uses 8x zeiss during stalk.

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    Bordersman have u got a link to the shop mate

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    r macloed


    Thanks for the replies.Im looking at the 7x42 but now my local gun shop has a sh pair of 8.5x42 el. Low light levels are paramount!!


    Regards Steve

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    the 10x42 el can`t be beaten in my book, been using them for yrs now.or are they eel? can`t remember and they were last seen heading out across the paddock in 20 mnth olds hands, so they will turn up sometime,,...........I hope

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