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Thread: Cod & Coalie fish cakes....sorry no meat

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    Cod & Coalie fish cakes....sorry no meat

    Summit wee bit different

    did this end o last summer after fishing form a mates boat for the day....

    took the cod n coalie after filleting and poched in milk with some chopped onions

    meanstwhile at same time got some tatties on the boil and last minute threw in some frozen peas as well

    drained em off and mashed up.....then drained the milkform poached fish and kept a wee bit of it back...,added the fish to the pot of tatties andthe wee bit milk and mashed all together...bit o salt n pepper etc

    then left to cool

    once cool looked out th etrusty burger press and my cellophane discs and awa we went

    got more than i thought!!

    now at this point i froze em down ...and you can use at leisure.....what i did was was once almost defrosted but still firmish....i dipped in egg yolk then bread crumbs and panfried

    just add with some boiled tatties and veg and a bit o scrambled egg

    were absolutely fantastic and can have anyway you want etc etc.

    just a different use fior the burger press and the vacuum backand freeze down nicely for keeping so can do a batch at a time


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    Looks great! I'll remember your tip for next time we go out fishing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sauer View Post

    That looks fantastic, and I now feel hungry, off to the kitchen I go.


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