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Thread: New in box, accuracy international ax long action 2.0 chassis

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    New in box, accuracy international ax long action 2.0 chassis

    I brought this just over a month ago from TWG1 on this site, (importer of Stiller actions), with a view of doing a custom .300
    but a change of plans, and the purchase of a superb TRG 42 and extras , from a member on this site (thanks David!)

    This means this is now sitting in its box on top of a wardrobe!
    The chassis is new and unused, only taken out of the box so twg1 could test fit a barrel action , its never been out of the house .
    Top of the range Long action AX, long forend with acc rails (3) folding stock and adjustable cheek.
    And one .300 win mag magazine.
    Complete with all packaging and bolt/screw pack and all AI paper work.
    Superb piece of kit and a shame its not being used!

    Great saving on SS price @ 850 inc fully insured special delivery postage, price minus post if picked up.

    Atlas in pics had been sold, and IS NOT included.

    p.s Keith i finally got offered that job, start on the 8th of April

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    I have a mint in box with papers, .300 winmag Remington PSS, which could be brought with this stock.

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