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Thread: Lothian and Borders too efficient?

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    Lothian and Borders too efficient?

    Well, on Friday I sold my .223 as unsuited to my type of handling. I sent off the email to advise it was sold also added I would be looking for a one for one variation with my licence in for renewal. Last week I had a phone call about my renewal. I now have to send it back with the form as it was posted yesterday. Three weeks start to finish. Current one expires 23/4/13. They could not have been more helpful. Well done L and B. hope you fair well in the reorganisation. Jim

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    I have always found L&B very helpful.


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    Yeah, totally efficient.

    Never had ANY errors, omissions, delays, incorrect information, refusal to adhere to the H.O. Guidance to Police wording, etc. Actually, I'm telling a lie - I've had nothing but for the last couple/three years....

    My last (current) one-for-one was put in in March, but March 2012 not March 2013.

    STILL has not been finished/corrected
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    Mine have always taken at least the full 12 weeks for them to sort out!

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    Sounds like I will miss Ian when he retires? Never had any hassle over this side of the lothians.

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    Always swift and helpful.
    few ommisions on certficates but duly noted and rectified.

    My last variation was back to me in 2 weeks

    I would rather get a variation back with the thing I want and a few admin errors IN GOOD TIME
    than wait 4 months to get it back full stop!

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    And last time I completed my renewal I did a co-terminus and they came back with 2 different addresses on them!

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    You folks have no idea how good you have it. A wee spell with Strathclyde would sort you out.

    ​ever heard of someone with authority to buy 50 22lr rounds but possess only 20? Work that one out.

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    They have always been brilliant with me,, no issues ever, and seriously helpfull

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    Yes, Ian has always been brand new.
    Granted everything i asked for in good time & well communicated throughout the whole process - L&B have to be one of the better authorities to deal with in Scotland... i used to be Tayside & they were a f**king nightmare!!
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... it's just that yours is stupid!!

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