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Thread: Nikko Stirling 1-4x24 Illuminated No 4 Reticule

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    Nikko Stirling 1-4x24 Illuminated No 4 Reticule

    Nikko Stirling Diamond 30mm tube as described above.
    It is in 'as new' condition still in the box but with no paperwork.
    This would make an ideal 'scope for a .22rf or even a .222 but would be limited for use at shorter ranges due to the 4 x magnification.
    I bought this off of this site recently but have now realised it is not suitable for my intended use.
    I have not attached any pictures here as there are some posted on the original advert by the original advertiser.
    I would like 110 for this scope which would also include postage.
    Thanks for looking.

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    Nikko Sterling Diamond Line 1-4 x 24 30mmtube No 4 reticule with a choice of red or green illumination

    I was a little worried about using this on 30-06 hence putting it up for sale and recommending it for use on a smaller calibre rifle however I have since done a bit of digging.
    I contacted the UK importer, Highland Outdoors, and had a good chat about this scope.
    It turns out these scopes 'Nikko Sterling' are owned by an Australian company and shortly after they took control they moved production from Japan to China.
    They researched the company and found they could do the same product to the same standard at a better rate so now all Nikko Sterling are made by a very reputable company in China.
    I was assured that this particular model is suitable for use on my 30-06 and even without the paperwork, should anything go wrong, the warranty would still be honoured.
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