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Thread: is there snow in castle douglas area

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    is there snow in castle douglas area

    whats the weather like in castle douglas area . i am due to be there on the weekend whats the chances

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    come on lads there must someone around that neck of the woods . ive had this trip booked for months.

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    Would be nice to know I'm up at castle Douglas for the weekend stalking oh and I'm camping out

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    Hi toad, very varied. It absolutely depends where your,e going. There are massive differentials within a few miles radius. All the main roads appear to be clear, some of the B and C roads are still one way traffic. Drifting snow has been the main problem, light,dry snow with a strong wind behind it. I don,t doubt you can get there but access to more remote areas could be a problem. I guess you should phone your,e guest house or whatever and they will give you the local info.but it is tricky. Ayr, nothing!!, twelve miles south, six foot drifts in places, very localised though. Good luck, Iain

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    astle Douglas was one of the worse hit areas in the country with snow at the end of last week, and it continued over the weekend. I would imagine the situation has not improved much given the low temperature...

    ​Roads may be clear now but huge drifts. I don't live there, just going by what happened over last few days...

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    lots of snow in that area some forrest not accessible thats what i was told today hope somone from that area replies to your request shotz

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    I'll be phoning the farmer on my permission Thursday - just to let him know I'll be there. Will update then

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    Lol, you didn,t mention "camping out" first time round...............I think that would be a NoNo.

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    A75 traffic live camera crockertfor,watching everyday.
    Met checker says is goiing to be ok saturday,sunny sunday,monday am good as well,apparently.

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    cheers lads . i cant believe my luck. i would be gratfull if anyone goes out over the next few days if you could include a weather report cheers lads

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