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Thread: Ranger Arms 25-06 Left Handed

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    Ranger Arms 25-06 Left Handed

    Ran up on this left handed Ranger Arms 25-06 today with an older Redfield 3-9 and a Bianchi Cobra Sling . All are period correct for when the rifle was made in the early 70's !
    Got it for a very inexpensive price , so since it's left handed I think it just might make my wife a decent deer rifle although I think i better load them down to hot 257 Roberts at first !

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    Interested in what the action and bolt looks like if possible.

    ​Reminicant of early Weatherby rifles...

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    its a nice looking bit of wood


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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy7mm View Post
    its a nice looking bit of wood

    Yes I thought so as well !

    Matter of fact thats one of the three reasons I got it !

    1. The price was what a new H&R Handi Rifle with no scope would cost or maybe a few dollars less !

    2. It's left handed as is my wife .

    3. I like fiddleback/curly maple and this stocked been stained enough that it isn't terribly LIGHT !

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    I just looked in the 1975 Gun Digest , suggested retail on these bad boys started at $400 which in 1975 was more then twice the cost of suggested retail for a new Remington 700BDL .

    From what I read the least expensive version in 1975 had a laminated maple/walnut stock . Also says you could upgrade to Claro Walnut or Fiddleback Maple !

    So i suspect retail on this rifle in 1975 was in the $600+ range .

    The safety on this thing is in the trigger guard like on a Remington 1100 shotgun . A little strange but I suppose one could get used to it over time !

    The trigger is set at about 4 1/2 pounds but rather crisp . I think this week or next I might see if I can get it down to 1 1/2 pounds for load work and then when the wife starts to shoot it I'll move it back to maybe 3 pounds .

    Also wanna have the barrel free floated and perhaps Acraglass the action . When they built this thing they inletted the entire barrel .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redmist View Post
    Interested in what the action and bolt looks like if possible.

    ​Reminicant of early Weatherby rifles...
    To each his own but I don't think the action or the stock looks like an early Remington . This Ranger action was used by them of course as well as Tom Bortmess who owned and ran the Bortmess Rifle Company and made classic and not so classic rifles on Carl Gustaff actions and these Ranger actions as well .

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