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Thread: wanted tikka or sako 243 & 308

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    wanted tikka or sako 243 & 308

    hi all spoke to my fao 2day after passing the dsc1 i can add a 308 on my fac so is any body thinking of selling any time soon? also want to change my 24for tikka or sako any 1?
    cheers lee

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    Hi lee I have a sako A2 in 308 it's prob only fired 200 rounds screw cut for mod. nice looking rifle in good condition £400. if your interested send me your e-mail address and I will send you some pic's.

    Thanks john

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    Hi Lee,

    Not sure if you're still looking but I've got a 5 month old Sako Bavarian in a .243 with a very nice grained wooden stock. It's threaded to M14x1 with a stainless steel thread cap and an un-used T8 Reflex sound Mod with a 'Bush Muffler' neoprene mod cover. I'm selling it with 30mm scope mounts without the scope, and the action has been partially bedded. It also has a very nice single set trigger.

    I've put 60 home loaded rounds through the rifle from new in total (without the sound mod on) and have developed a 70grain Nosler BT load that shoots ragged holes on the paper at 100m. I was very particular to shoot the rifle in when it was brand new, with a process of copper cleaning in between the first five rounds to break in the virgin barrel to prevent throat damage and increase barrel longevity.

    If you’re not familiar with this model, here’s the link to the Sako website:

    Anyway, the whole package cost me £1680 new, and i'm after £1350 ONO for it as it is. It still looks the same as when it came out of the box for the first time, with no marks whatsoever; for all intents and purposes its as new.

    Photos are available; let me know if you’re interested,


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    jingzy is selling a .243.

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