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    New scope

    Looking at buying a Swarosvki Z6i 3 x 15 x 50 BT, any one have one and like them, want it in the second focal plane, my choice, some of the generation 1s are a bit cheaper than the 2s. It is to replace my Leupold VIII 4.5 15 50 IR long rang, but looking at the cheaper option for the gen 1 first, unless theres a good price out there on a new gen 2. anyone have one for sale, or know of a good deal on, or have had problems with Swarosvki scopes. I have 7 x 30 SLs and 10 x 42 ELs and really rate thier aftersales, need it for Africa in June!!! deerwarden
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    Do you mean 3-15x50 or 2.5-15x56 ps i have neither just the spec above doesnt exist as far as im aware. Great scopes from what ive seen just out of my budget atm.

    Atb Matt

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    Hi Deerwarden,
    I have just px'ed my Z6i 5-30x50 into Mcloads. I couldn't get on with the reticle (BR) and so I've bought a 2.5-15 with a 4Ai ret. it might be worth giving Gregor a shout. Very impresive scope for long range work just didn't like the ret for deer.


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    I have the 56' Ballistic turret version on my rifle I use down the range good scope love the turret and very accurate range estimation with the app as well great package IMO

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