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Thread: 30.06 reloading brass

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    30.06 reloading brass

    I have winchester sako and federal which is best for reloading please.

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    Winchester that order

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    depends entirely what you want from them

    if you are looking for .1" groups at the ragged edge of MV and pressure there are better options

    if you are running a 27-2900 stalking round that shoots 1/2-3/4" groups any of them will be fine

    I have tried RWS, Winchester, Sako, Norma, Lapua, Remington, Geco, privi and Federal
    the ones that stood our were RWS and Lapua appeared much harder - not to my liking - lapua needed annealing more than usual. both very well made and consistent, the RWs also had an annoying factory crimp on the lip of the once fired cases that played havoc with the trimmer/chamfer/deburring tools!

    others like sako, winchester, remington, geco, federal and Privi were all much of a muchness, nothing really stood out. Sako was probably as close to Norma in terms of quality of build.

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    Thanks for the replies guys these are for hunting rounds. I already have a load in some norma brass but i have the other brass to work up new load.

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