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Thread: Does anyone know what this scope is?

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    Does anyone know what this scope is?

    Can anyone help me to identify this scope? I bought it second (or fourth) hand and have the following info:

    The scope is marked 2 1/2 10x; Schmidt & Bender; Biebertal Wetzlar; West Germany.

    The serial number is 13****.
    The objective lens is 56mm.
    The elevation turret has two rows of markings: 0 - 16 underneath and 1 - 6 above.

    Schmidt and Bender have supplied the following info:

    "This Scope has been established in 1992. A conversion to illuminated reticle is possible, the cost for this amount to 703.36 euros + VAT + postage.
    Otherwise, I cannot comment on them, unfortunately this scope, since it is 21 years old, and not captured in our computer."

    Does anyone know the model name or what graduations the turret clicks are (e.g. 1cm at 100 metres)? Also, I believe the two sets of graduations on the elevation turret are for creating personal bullet drop tables, does anyone know how this works?

    Any help appreciated!


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    Someone may come along to correct me however it looks like it is adjustable or the current trend is to call them tactical/ballistic elevation and deflection drums/turrets.

    If you unscrew the top caps after the rifle is zero'd you should be able to slip the scales on the drums/turrets to 0. It would probably be 1cm at 100m as the Germans have been metric for a long time and will probably have this information under the caps.

    Incidentally my German friend has this same scope but illuminated and without the adjustable elevation and deflection option and its bloody good. As for the model I don't know!

    ​cheers Mick
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    Could be a schmidt & bender 2.5-10x56 precision hunter the clicks should be 1cm at 100 yards
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    I'd be interested in it if you sell it?

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    The elevation turret has two rows of markings: 0 - 16 underneath and 1 - 6 above.

    It's a wild guess, but I think the 1-16 is MOA, and you could check that by sighting the scope at something a 100yds away and then moving the turret by 1 graduation. If the POA moves by about an inch then my guess would be valid. The 1-6 could then possibly be mrads.

    Regards JCS

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    schmidt made some 1.5-6x42 and some 6x42 with turrets like that , they were used on the L42 i think and the early accuracy international sniper rifles issued ? (without researching in my books i can't be sure ) i think they were graduated to 600m for BDC with 7.62nato use but they also had standard clicks graduated below ?

    I've seen similar scopes on police ssg's as well? but i've never seen a 56mm objective with these turrets ? special order maybe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigboab29 View Post
    Could be a schmidt & bender 2.5-10x56 precision hunter the clicks should be 1cm at 100 yards
    It looks like mine and Precision Hunter was the conclusion I came to. I use 1cm @ 100m

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    Looks like a Precision Hunter but I would have thought the click value would be 10mm at a 100 metres for this model.

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    Pictures of the reticle and elevation turrets plus details where it's bought etc. would help in making guesstimates.

    With the current info I'd say the elevation turret is marked for MOA (0-16) and meters (1-6 X 100m). Meant for police or military use in some country.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I'll have to get some range work in to confirm, but the MOA/100 - 600 yard explanation makes sense.

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