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Thread: Roe Buck covered a doe this morning!!!

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    Roe Buck covered a doe this morning!!!

    I was out this morning after a fox that has been taking chickens on a friends farm, the mission was partially accomplished as I shot one, but a second ran off.

    There were three roe in the field by the chicken pen, which didn't run off at the shot, a mature buck in velvet, a doe and doe follower. As I still had plenty of time, I decided to wait to see whether the second fox might re-appear, as it was a couple of hundred meters away when I shot the first. In between scanning the hedgerow with my binoculars for a fox, I was watching the roe, and the buck was becoming increasingly interested in the mature doe. I switched to watching through my scope (the rifle was empty, safe backstop) as it has more magnification and he started pushing her about and eventually mounted her twice! With the benefit of 18x magnification and the perfect angle to see the 'money shot' he was obviously serious about it and she reacted as I would have expected if it was a warm July morning, rather than a bitterly cold March one.

    This is by far the furtherest out of season that I have seen Roe mating, so I was wondering what peoples thoughts are. Could the doe have been in season, if so when might any kids be born (this summer or next)?

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    Tin hat required, I watched and shot a roe buck last may, rutting and was told I was wrong by some experts on here, there again after 30 yrs+ stalking what would I know.
    ​You know what you seen.

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    This behaviour happens as there testosterone lev rises i have seen the same many time from roe deer and domesticated stock even seen a large buck ram a smaller buck up the ass. Its just nature messing with there heads.
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    Last May i observed a mature buck (a very interesting malform that made 104 cic once I'd taken him into custody) chasing a doe at full tilt across a bank for several minutes. After some research, I put it down to the doe having recently dropped a young one and the buck had been geed up by an increase in hormones and scent fron the doe. Be interested in any other theories.


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    Hopefully I will be able to get back to the farm over the weekend and will try with the buttalo call and see if the buck will come in for a closer look. Although he is entirely safe, as they only want the foxes dissuaded from turning too many of their flock into chicken dinners.

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    Given me an idea for at least one of the Bank Holiday lie-ins!

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