I am putting my Zeiss scope up for sale.
It has target turret and windage turret. This you have to pay extra for ( and is a rip off IMHO. They should come with them)
It all so has the rapid Z7 reticule fitted you used to have to pay extra for this ret as well.this ret can be shot with any cartridge (instructions included on how to do this will be with the scope)
mine has the 0.50cm @ 100m clicks as well (they nearly all come with 1cm clicks @100m now) and IMO you need this for long range adjustments.
the scope has no ring marks and has been very very well looked after. the glass is in mint condition as it should be.scope adjusts as it should as last time i shot it, i shot a .9" @ 500y and it was adjusted 41 clicks up and 25 clicks right and hit all bullets in a 3" circle first time (3 shot group)

selling as im going to try something different not shore yet might
try the z6i but need to try one first and see if they work as well as this one.

Scope will come as it did to me, boxed and with instructions

Im looking to get 1400 RMSD included