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Thread: Trail Cam pics

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    Trail Cam pics

    I have put a few pics of Red Stag's caught on cam in the last week up on our face book page if anyone would like to see them


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    Good photo's Glen, I'm glad I just happen to know where they are , mind you there are some dodgy characters in those photo's!

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Nice picture Glen and you picked the correct place for that camera not easy.

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    They are good checked them out on Facebook.

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    You are very lucky to get a chance to click them and too so beautifully. I also want to do some day.

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    John, Yes it's like a rogues gallery of the Deer stalking fraternity! I've had several enquiries from bondsmen since posting!

    Cheers Davie.

    Steyer, thanks for looking.

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    Glen some cracking photos there I'm up your way in july
    ​ Regards tom

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    Good to hear Tom are you stalking or holidaying ?

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    Grand pics Glen
    Well done


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    Many thanks Alan, we'll keep updating them as they come in!

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