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    interactive knowledge checks

    I don't know if any of you do the same but I like to go over information and test my knowledge by using the questions from the DSC1 manual to make sure I don't forget information. Apart from the BDS ultimate deer DVD/CD does anyone know of another knowledge checker DVD or quiz? it would also so be a good form of gaining knowledge the newbie.
    I was thinking of getting the ultimate deer data but it is only licensed for one PC so i would not be able to use it on Ipad.

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    Yep I do the same from time to time. Just open the book at a random page and read the info. See if I remember it or not. Looking last night swatting up ready for the level 2 phone calls.

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    yes i always browse my level 1 manual once a fortnight as i highlighted all the correct answers so they stick in my memory, also watch David strettons level 2 gralloch and post mortem inspection dvd. keeps you up to speed.

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    Agree - David Stretton's DVDs and noters are first class.

    Deer Diary

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    I did my DSC1 with Jelen and they have an online test that randomly picks questions out of the bank... Don't know if that's available to anyone not taking the course with them, but speak to Mike and for a fee (it's a business after all!!) there might be something available...

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    yes, can highly recommend jelens online training, i signed up for two months at £10 per month and revised every night, got 50/50 dsc1 written and 40/40 meat hygiene written, top product for anyone revising for there level 1

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    Hello Steyer, I'm a big believer in finding a way which best suits your own learning style, and thats why I deveo my website. It has all of the DSC questions and answers set in bite size interactive lessons. There are also over 100 deer identification slides which will teach you how to recognise all the deer species. You can try it for free first and log in as many times as you want, from any pc .... home, work, on the bus if you want! Feedback from other students has been great with high average scored in their real test. There's also a lot of other reading and reference material to make sure you get a rounded education. Have a look Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 Training - Home learning whichever you choose I wish you the best of luck with your DSC. Cheers Steve

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