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Thread: Cow shooting!

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    Cow shooting!

    Just flicking through the Mail and saw the story of a mature cow being shot by Police in a school plyground. Amongst other things I wondered what caliber they would have used as the story says it took three shots to drop it . All the print says is 'sniper rifle'.

    Any ideas or views?

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    well, if the the last cow shot by police is anything to go by the might just have blown their budget on live fire training...

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    A bloke who lives near me is in the armed response what they use for run away cows is shotguns with a slug. And the last bull that they had to use it on took 6 shots to eventually stop it. He said the bull turned round to look at him and he had a 3inch circle in its chest but it still ran off smashing into cars in the way. The only thing that evetually stopped it was a headshot. It might of taken three shots if the animal was pumped with adreniline thou as it prob was. If it wasnt that says alot about the marksmans aim lol
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    In the Mail it showed the police marksman on a ladder with rifle on top of the police van. I think members of the public claimed they missed twice but the police say the cow just wouldn't go down. I just wonder what they used and where they shot it.

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    This bloke says most rifles used in the armed response is the .223 i supose that could explain why it took three shots. But they are trained to take headshots. Its not like you can miss a cows head its massive.

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    Considering armed police are trained to shoot at "centre mass" to stop a threat and not aiming for specific organs (at least on people anyway) and using either a solid slug from a shotgun (probably unlikely at anything over 20 metres) or a 7.62 I'd be impressed if they did bring it down with one shot, especially as they'd possibly not shot at a live target before.

    I bet a fair few "experienced" stalkers shooting a moose or buffalo (no doubt with a .375 or .416 and expensive hunting ammo) with plenty of deer stalking experience would need more than one shot. There was a video on here the other day of someone who shot a cape buffalo twice and needed the PH's son to stab it to finish it off!

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    thats just plain cruel. the cops not the second video!

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