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Thread: .308 Howa

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    .308 Howa

    Selling my Howa because i rarely get out stalking these days and it is just sitting there in the cabinet.

    S/S sporter barrel screw cut 1/2x20 UNF

    Barrel and action are Du coated green which cuts down reflection etc.

    Comes with 1 inch rings

    I have a semi varmint style synthetic stock in green with a wide fore end which is free floating and a Boyds laminate thumbhole which it is currently in.

    Less than 400 rounds been fired, like i said I used to do more stalking than i have time for now.

    500 for rifle, rings and both stocks

    400 for the rifle without the Boyds stock

    I also have a Swarovski 6x42 that i may consider selling as a set up.

    Picture is from when i set the rifle up, will add one of the rifle itself when i manage to find/ take one!

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    Managed to get some more pictures taken and onto a computer but cant seem to get them posted so if you drop me a message i will get them sent to you on email

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    Sold pending funds
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