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    Munty Buck

    I was supposed to be going over to see my old pal Colin (Solway Stalker) sadly the weather had other ideas and so I went off to see another pal of mine in Gloucester and shot my very first Muntjac Buck, whilst I have shot Muntie Does before and seen many Bucks I have never actually managed to get a shot at a Buck until this morning.

    A heavy frost made every step sound as though we were walking on broken biscuits, so after crunching about from 05:30am,until I saw this buck feeding about 07:30hrs, with painstaking movement managed to get within about 85 yards of him, he was moving about amongst fairly heavy cover and eventually gave me a shot whilst quatering away from me, the .243 struck him through the right side of his kneck and down he went. He seems to be an older animal, teeth fairly well worn, the antlers appear to be about 3 1/2 inches in length, I usually leave any trophy animals for others who seek them, as a result I am unsure how this little fella looks to you muntjac shooters eyes?

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    Nice one mate, still stalking in jeans by the look eh?
    laughs in the face of realtree.....keep it up.

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    You know me too well mate! although I was wearing black jeans, as my thoughts are if deer cant see bright orange they probably cant see blue/black jeans!

    Spill the beans mate, what size we looking at for a trophy head?

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    Can sort you one out matey, but it might be a trip to norfolk.

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