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Thread: Weather Check Dumfries & Galloway (West)

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    Weather Check Dumfries & Galloway (West)

    Obviously D&G has been on the news a fair bit in the last few days due to heavy snowfall, but what are the main roads like as well as the smaller roads? Im most interested in the western side of D&G ie west of Galloway.

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    Ive been out at estate today mate, i could only do the lower ground , no way i could get
    anywhere near the hills
    ​Main roads are ok but side roads are mostly only wide enough for one vehicle

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    hi there,i'm stranraer end all main roads open side roads are as solway stalker says clear but narrowed snow banked sides hope this helps

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    Thanks guys, backs up my thoughts that getting into the shire wont be too difficult but getting up onto the ground might be.. Apparently its thawing slowly, up there for 10 days so should get something out of the trip.

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    The deer are out browsing in the sunhine & snow......don't forget your white cammo! LOL
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    I did think that actually about the white cammo while packing tonight..

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    Phoned farmer today just outside Castle Douglas he said all main and side roads open still a good bit of snow around on the fields etc. I'll be up there for the weekend.

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    Hope the gods are kind to you. Might be wise to stick a shovel in the car though just in case it turns nasty again.

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