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Thread: Hello from a new member!

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    Hello from a new member!

    Hello All,
    My name is Adrian and I live and work in Somerset.
    I originally come from the New Forest in Hampshire and this is where I have done most of my shooting for the last 23 years.
    I am fortunate to have a very good and longtime friend (by the same amount of years above), who has been a stalker of mainly Roe for more than ten years. I often accompany him and have been priviledged many times to take the shot. I will post up a few pics in the appropriate section shortly.
    The time has come to go about applying for and, if successful, own a firearm. My good friend has an open licence and stalking rights over many hundreds of acres of land in Hampshire and Dorset. He has offered to be my mentor and actively encouraged me to take the step.
    Any and all help, guidance and information regarding the best way to apply for and be granted a licence from forum members will be most welcome.
    Best Regards to All,

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    Hi Ade - welcome!

    What part of somerset are you in? I'm guessing that you will come under Avon & Somerset force for your ticket.

    I've just had mine confirmed - the actual licence should arrive any day now.

    Like most forces these days, A&S seem to like you to have the DSC1, but failing that a mentor - which you have indicated you have - should do you.

    You also need either:

    written permission to stalk deer on land cleared for the calibre you want to use


    proof of previous and future paid stalking, plus a recommendation from the ranger/professional hunter you've used

    Sounds like you meet the criteria, but it's always good to chat to the local FLO just to be sure. If you are A&S, as I am down here near Minehead, it will be Hannah Bays. She's very approachable and I had no trouble chatting about the best way to make my application.

    Good luck!


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    Hello Pippa,
    Thank you for your reply! Yes, I do come under Avon and Somerset, I live in Wellington. I spoke to the licensing dept earlier and they said they were happy with either written permission from the landowner or from the person who is willing to be my mentor. I will probably obtain both though to be on the safe side.
    Is there anyway to contact Hannah Bays directly? It would be useful to have that option for advice to make sure all is in order before I submit my application.
    Best Regards,

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