Stomp140z pitbike

Here is for sale a 140 pitbike. My mate bought it two weeks ago and on the day he bought it I fell off it. I scratched the graphics and broke the clutch lever and scratched the handlebars....silly me.

The bike has been fixed up and looks and rides awesome. The reason its for sale is it was easier me buying the bike off my mate And putting the new parts on in my own time as he wanted the bike fixed ASAP. I'm not allowed to keep it. (Believe me I've nagged her) Jonni bought the bike for 550 two weeks ago so I bought it off him for that price. I put new handle bars on, new grips, a new clutch lever and welsh pit bike plastics and graphics. (I only scratched the stickers but it was a tenner more for the plastics with graphics fitted) a total cost of 62.
I will sell the bike for 530 pickup only or you sort a currier.

More pics on demand. If you are interested please pm me as I don't check this section very often.


Ps it's a cr70 size pitbike which is slightly bigger. Any other facts ill add as I remember them. The bike is on eBaye so I may remove this if it sells there.