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Thread: Dogs for deer at grizedale

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    Dogs for deer at grizedale

    I'd just like to commend Alastair from the deer initiative for organising what turned out to be a very informative and enjoyable dogs for deer course at the yan in the grizedale visitor centre,Neil sondergard was a relaxed and informative speaker and answer all questions with enthusiasm and a knowledgeable insight into his chosen field,I look forward to the next one .very well done cheers nemo
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    I tried to get a place but it was fully booked, anyone else from the site go along?

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    Aye , i went with jonathan standing , it was well worth the trip and a good insight into how they operate over in europe , its a different mindset to ours , them boys do upto 300 tracks a year per handler , and dont realy stalk with a dog , but as you no they do alot of driven and each shot site is examined , and as you can imagine they will get a few runners !well done to all who orgsnised it and get on the next if you can

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