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Thread: looking for fallow head & shoulder mounted pictures plea

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    looking for fallow head & shoulder mounted pictures plea

    Hi all i'm think of booking a stalk for fallow in about four weeks time. If succesful in the stalk & i get a good trophy. i am wanting to get it head & shoulder mounted. Can one post any pictures of any that have bin done as i can only manage to find all other species. Wood love to see some picture as some say they look the best done. What kind of price wood i possalblely be looking at. Thank you for your time

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    Cant do a picture as I had my silver medal one on a plaque but a client who i took out ended up shooting a Gold medal. It has been with the taxidermist over a year now and should have it back in the nxt month or so.
    Bill for a shoulder mount is going to be 525 i think.

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    Thats expensive, the price for a Fallow shoulder mount is more about the 400 mark. If its a pedestal mount then maybe 500 without the pedestal plinth.

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    I dont think you need to look only at Fallow heads. A good taxidermist will be able to do all Deer. I have used 2, Phillip Leggat for a Gold medal Roe as seen on here and Willie Forbes, who was a stalker on Mar Lodge estate for 30yrs prior to it being sold. He did the "Royal" . Both of which are in my picture gallery.
    Both of these guy did an excellent job and I would have no worries in putting any species of deer to either of them.

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    Try Andy Denson of Darwen, Lancs. [ Tel. 01282 778459. ]
    He did a Munty buck for me, the only head I have ever had done in the skin.
    I do my own scull jobs and also make the shields.
    Any species will be done by him including African.


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    Another one to look at is Dave Hornbrook (DH Taxidermy). He has done one roebuck for me and it is truly excellent. JC

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    I'd second JC's suggestion of Dave Hornbrook. He did my shoulder mount of a muntjac buck and he did a superb job.

    p.s. before you ask, the photo was taken at Christmas, hence the silver earings!!

    Phil Leggett is also excellent. I've not used him for deer but he did mount an arctic char I caught. He must be one of, if not the, best fish taxidermists around.


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    When my little girls gold fish dies I know exactly who to call now

    Awesome muntie

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