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Thread: training dogs for deer

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    training dogs for deer

    Hi all i have had a a good time over the past 6 days stalking got 4 roe .The stalking fair and climaxing with a dogs for deer day at Grizdale run by Cumbria woodlands and the DI with niels sonnagard who was giving the talk a very interesting day and tried my HWV dog pup lindlecopse kite on one of the trails that where layed . He has seen a lot of dead roe and fallow then put back in his traveling box. But over the weekend took him to follow a blood trail that a roe doe i shot had left he went well. Then when i shot another one laid a trail with the feet and a few bits of offal he started to bark at ths doe and got prasied and given a leg to carry back.

    I have been on a few courses run by the DI such as inpact training days, health and safety deer law liabilities, TB testing in deer and now the dogs for deer day all the courses have been well run and very informitive.


    Kevin /pendle
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    aye it was well worth the trip to grizdale , nice to meet likeminded people ,well done to alistare for organising it
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    i got my bavarian of thursday so hopefully im gonna get on a course when hes a bit older i was intrested to read aboot the course but alas couldnt make it .glad yall enjoyed it.

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