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Thread: Yeti gaiter Soup..

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    Yeti gaiter Soup..

    Well well well,..with fingers like beavers tails I type a quick post..

    Apparently the new Berghaus Yeti Attack "Skywalk" gaiters use a different composition of rubber material for the rand now and I can confirm it is one absolute barsteward to get on compared to the older type.

    I'm lead to believe the new harder rubber is an attempt to prevent the toe from popping off as was know in the past with the old model and often sorted with a dab of glue.

    So after some utter brutal hernia enducing force with a few bent spoons thrown in for good measure and some new swear words invented, I resorted to using the boiling advice as per youtube

    Yeti Soup below.. (this is also my secret Roe head boiling pot too..)

    The boiling for 20 odd mins does work but I found through trial and error that a heat gun was actualy easier and when carefully applied heat to specific areas worked a treat without lifting some of the dye off the bottom end of the gaiter too

    Still some goodd old brute force & swearing required but these buggers are on my Douvre's for good now!
    Note bent spoon..

    Uri Geller eat yir heart oot..

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    Ha ha ! Got a new pair on the way , looks like I better clear the kitchen of occupants before I attempt them !

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    Always wanted a pair of Yeti's but my winter boots are so damn large the don't make em big enough! I make do with conventional Paramo gaiters which to be fair are excellent too.

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