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Thread: Unlucky Grey squirrel

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    Unlucky Grey squirrel

    Was out with the .223 this am, helping deter some rooks and crows off some freshly sown winter wheat, anyway had a couple and was parked up in the truck. Looking across the field I noticed a movement below the hedge on the far bank, Geovids gave a range of 221 yds and it was a grey.

    Well I thinks this will be intresting. So up on top of the truck, Leupold of full mag parallaxed up and we have got an active squirrel. I track it down the field and it stopped, touched the trigger and almost instantly a dead one. Must say was well pleased, always surprises me how fast the bullet gets to the target, saw the strike behind it before it keeled over. On the laser it was 220 yds.

    60 grn v max, rifle zeroed at 200yds.


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    Nice one.

    I love it yesterday had a sneak about with the .204 clearing a few cocks and ruffling some black feathers to. Brilliant fun, i attempted a 290 yds carrion that was well above me on a bank and the falling snow showed a fairly stiff breeze. The 32 grainer removed some feathers of its back and must have seriously pissed on his confidence .

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