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Thread: 30-06 ''military'' ammo

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    30-06 ''military'' ammo

    Hi, does anyone use any military type ammo in 30-06? (7.62x 63? I believe) (typical brown box with very little info on it)
    If so what is the 1- availablility, 2 -accuracy and 3-cost like?
    I know that every rifle can like different ammo but I am after a general view
    Any info appreciated


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    goes bang, not too bad check this link for prices: Home

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    Wow, cheaper than I thought!
    anyone else tried it?


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    How do you order from ammo zone? Do you gave to fax /send a copy of your fac ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddoakley View Post
    Wow, cheaper than I thought!

    Me three

    Though the last genuine mil-surp 30-06 I bought was about 14 years ago, from the old York Guns premises.
    Ended up with 2 cans of French surplus ammo...they fit very nicely on the shelf under the baby buggy: though the up-hill push was a little taxing

    Sadly, the days of mil-surp 30-06 are long gone. Not been an issue round for too many decades.
    1. Next to none, I keep looking but aside from the above supplier have not seen any for years
    2. Much prefer it to the PRVI commercial ammo
    3. Too much IF you luck into some

    Better option:
    Get some H4895 powder (or Viht), some 150gn bullets or 168gn SMK's & make your own

    I have LOTS of 30-cal load info as I've loaded for it for a couple of decades now. I like the caliber so much that I've never owned a 308...never saw the need to.

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    I don't know about sales "across the pond" but inexpensive bullets for loading practice ammo is available from companies that process surplus military cartridges. The bullets and propellant are usually available in bulk at very reasonable prices.
    Bartlett Reloaders in Owensboro, KY is one such company. I have purchased 147gr FMJBT .308 bullets in bulk from them.

    When I was an active service rifle competitor I would burn up some 3,000 rounds a year so these provided a real savings.

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    Thanks for the info guys.
    My question was really leaning towards whether it is worth my getting a 30-06 ( a caliber I fancy trying anyway) as I have just been offered a reasonably large amount of mil surp ammo.
    Dont mind doing a variation as I wouldnt mind changing one of my calibers and know a few who use a 30-06 and say its a real good round.
    The ammo is cheaper than I though so maybe not worth getting the gun on the basis that I would have a lot of cheap ammo.
    Will see what happens with the sale of my other guns before I decide.
    In the meantime if anyone is interested in the ammo let me know and I will pass on details.


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    Hi Edd

    I'm not sure i use enought .30-06 to make getting some surplus, worthwhile, but recommed the caliber.
    Ive recently picked a lot of cheap ammo from sporting gun auctions, but i'm interested to know what your contact could do?

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    A dealer here in Denmark is selling reloaded surplus .30-06 (Kynoch) at very good prices. I'm told it originated from Germany and should be quite accurate, but that the primers are corrosive.

    Corrosive primers can be the biggest problem with surplus ammo. From what I'm told all US surplus .30-06 should be non-corrosive, but pretty much all the other older surplus stuff on the market is corrosive.

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