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Thread: Magpies everywhere

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    Magpies everywhere

    Is it just me or is the countryside alive with magies at present. Out on Tues am, 12 in one bush, shot 3, must have seen 50+ this am on route to work, pairs and groups. Cannot ever remember seeing so many.

    Also good news picked up a multi catch Larsen trap this am, just need a decoy to start the urban cull.


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    Bang goes all the songbird and game birds in that area.
    between the cats and the magpies I am surprised any survive where I live
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    Got 1st decoy today will put it out tomorrow and get my tunnels going too hopefully spring is here

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    How strange, for a while now I have seen no more than 1 or 2 whenever I have been on my shoot.
    Today I go over to do some work, (no gun) and there were Magpies everywhere I looked, including a group
    of 30 plus sitting on a track, they stayed there untill I was no more than 25 yards away, and then
    only flew 30 yards out in to the field, looked in the mirror and they were back on the track before I
    was 100 yards past them.


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    75 or so Jackdaws, 15 or so Rooks and 5 or so Magpies here.

    No evening up the odds here though, just found living very close to an Anti of the PHD in Art variety, very gainfully unemployed since he passed out 2 years ago and benefiting from 20 hours a day in bed!
    I wish he'd fly the nest!

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    Seem to have the Maggies under reasonable control. Just trying to muster people for a Crow slaughter on Sunday night, been and cased the roost tonight and could have fired well over a hundred shoots and i wasn't even in the the main wood.

    If anyone is interested pm me!

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