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Thread: It aint over 'til its over

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    It aint over 'til its over

    Still Kicking myself. Out yesterday morning to see if I could finally break my (buck) dry spell.

    Out of the car and Stalking at around 5.30. Weather was very blustery, blowing straight off the firth of Clyde and the dark clouds threatening to pour at any minute. Anyway, got to take the chances to get out when I can and you certainly dont grass them lying in bed moaning about the weather.

    Stalked and sat for a couple of hours before spotting the tell tale red form under a tree, about 150m away, down a steep tree covered enbankment. As it transpired it turned out to be a doe with twin kids in tow. I took great delight in watching them go about their business for 15 minutes or so before deciding to stalk on.

    30 minutes later having seen nothing else, decided re-trace my steps and call it a day. The route I had taken necessitated re covering the ground that I had already covered with the wind blowing directly from my back so I decided in my wisdom to concentrate my spying efforts on the areas to either side of the quad track I was walking along.

    To be honest I wasnt actully stalking at this point as I reckoned that I'd never see a deer on ground I had already covered with the wind at my back, and was just walking back to the car spying occaisionally up and down the hill but never to the front.

    Passed the doe & twins still sheltering under the tree. Pleased to see that I hadn't disturbed them. Anyway got to about 200m from farm where my car was parked and was contemplating stopping to unload when there was an awfull commotion in the long grass 5ft to my right. I looked up just in time to see a small spiker buck bounce off the fence 5ft further on and compose himself to sprint infront of me within touching distance. I have to admit that I did have the presence of mind to get the rifle onto the sticks and attempt a bark at him before he dissapeared but to be honest he never looked back and crested the rise and out of sight in a couple seconds.

    To be honest I dont know if I would have seen him even if I had been more careful but I am really surprised that he didn't wind (or hear) me as the wind was directly from behind me to him, but I suppose it has taught me a valuable lesson - It aint over 'til its over

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    Nice, and honest tale, Thanks for that

    Also, its the same when arriving at the ground, always consider that there could be deer within sight and range from the moment you get there, and closer than you might think. I only say that on account of deer that I have missed due to lack of immediate attention, thinking that they will only appear when I am ready for them... WRONG !

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    A few times, I too decided to call it a day, and set off back to the car, wind blowing from behind me, just to spot one as I'm en route to the car, that I would have thought would have caught my scent and cleared off rapidly long ago. More than a couple of deer have ended up in my freezer after I've given up on the stalk and decided to head back to the car!

    But, to me, that's one of the joys of pursuing a truly wild animal that spends a fair degree of its life laid up in cover, trying to avoid being detected by those of us who would like to have it in our freezers or served up on a plate!

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