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Thread: S & B 6x42 German 30mm tube

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    S & B 6x42 German 30mm tube

    As per the title, if anyone has one they are thinking of selling please pm.

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    contact Biker1

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunterscabin View Post
    can do you a new one
    Only if you can discount it mighty heavily!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    contact Biker1
    Thanks PK,
    will drop him a pm.

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    Still after one of these gents if anyone wants to sell? Would take a hungarian one also, but must be 30mm tube.

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    Bit too much for what i need thanks Sherlock


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    sorry never seen this i will see what i can do it for


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    Thanks Steve,

    PM me with a price when you get a mo.


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