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Thread: carcass trays

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    carcass trays

    while looking in my local garden centre i saw these black trays

    they look large enough for 3 roe or 2 fallow at push this one is 1200mmx550mm with a 50mm lip all the way around it so no blood spill in back of motor (there were other sizes)
    it fits in the back of my l200 a treat light and easy to lift in and out aswell as easy to clean all for 8.99 bargain

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    sorry wrong site
    equipment and accessories more suitable

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    hi Pete E
    it looks like you are right, mine is called giant'plus garden tray the web site but the prices don't seem to match the prices i paid at the garden centre as mine was the largest they seem to do, there were smaller and narrower trays at a cheaper price or i suppose you could try some where that sells hydroponics aswell
    this garden centre is about 3 mile up the A34 stratford road in shirley, J4 of the M42 heading towards birmingham anyone interested in going to look i can find a more detailed address for them
    many regards stone

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    Ikea Blue Bags are also brilliant - less than 1 each. I keep one folded up in poachers pocket of my shooting jacket. Easily holds one Roebuck or three big geese. The are waterproof so don't let blood soak through - albeit in the car I do have a rubber mat and an Ikea drip tray inot which I dump the carcas in its bag.

    Also as I live in town, anybody who sees me walking into the house with a full Ikea bag over my shoulder just thinks that I am just properly house trained and like going shopping!

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    Another option is to go down to jewson's and buy a plaster's bath, avaiable in all sorts of different sizes and fairly deep, got one and have had three roe Bucks in it last year. Cheap and virtulaly indistructabe.

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