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Thread: Keeping Bino lenses Dry

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    Keeping Bino lenses Dry

    Does anyone have any tips for keeping your bino lenses dry when in use. I have SLC's and the lens caps work fairly well but unfortunately you cant see through them with the caps on 8)

    I find that even the lightest rain will obscure your vision in no time even when religiously replacing the caps after use.

    I pride myself on ventuing out in whatever weather is happening when I have the opportunity to go but get frustrated when I cant see a f*****g thing.



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    The person who solves this problem will be a rich man indeed.

    I've got no solutions other than keep my bins zipped inside my jacket and then shielding them as best I can with hands above the object lenses...not that it works too well in our normally horizontal west-coast rain!

    I'd be interested to hear others thoughts too.

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    bino lenses

    I find if I keep them inside the coat they tend to mist up a little with the moisture that is wicking out of the clothing, so I tried a little piece of chamois leather fixed in place of the rear caps, works well if you don't get it covered in cr*p, & makes a safe wipe instead of fumbling with the lens wipes in foil wraps, raise the bins & the shammy drops away.

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    I find lens cloths are too small. I collected a load of old hankerchiefs and dyed them green so I wouldn't be waving a white flag about!
    I get in the habit of periodically wiping my binos and scope as I walk round. When one hankie gets wet I start using the next.

    NB when I get a new map of the land I plasticise it with a green piece of paper on the back for the same reason.

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    chamois leather cloth is fantastic for getting bins back in clear order, you don't need to go far to get some and a small patch in your inside pocket when stalking is always a must.

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    chamois leather - Superb - now why didnt i think if that

    Hope the wife doesnt want to clean the wndaes any time soon.

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    It's a problem that has been with us since optics became a part of the stalkers kit! My solution gives pretty good protection to both ends - and allows fairly clear lenses in almost all conditions.

    Like others, a flap of leather fastened to the straps will drape over the eye pieces. Firm enough to resist a reasonable breeze, but will still drop away when the binos are raised to the eyes. When it has dropped back to rest on the straps, it also diverts your breath from steaming up the lenses. Quite a handy discovery!

    The objectives stay covered by Butler Creeks until required - they have the additional benefit of offering a protective cover, allowing the binos to be used as an improvised bipod support for prone shots. After all, if you are going to carry the weight, you may as well make it's usage as flexible as possible!

    I also have a dry lens cloth attached to a retractable ski-pass holder fastened inside my jacket. Once used, my body heat will dry it in twenty minutes or so, readying it for further employment!

    There are still occasions when conditions result in the binos becoming unusable - however, no-where near as often as in previous years!



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    a fold of soft leather on your straps so that it falls over the lens works well. I had a pair of boots made in Canada and they gave me a bit of spare, works great keeps the lens dry

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    Thanks guys this is really usefull Tom

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    Glad you brought this up again. Forgot to thank you guys for your input



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