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Thread: Barr and Stroud Binos.

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    Barr and Stroud Binos.

    Hiya, I'm looking to buy a budget set of binos...have been looking at 10 x 42 Sahara , has anyone used the Barr and Stroud Sahara ?? also, what budget Bushnells would you recommend...under 100 if poss...

    ​Thanks in advance guys..

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    Yo mate I use barr and stroud 8x42 skyline found them great for 1st light and last thing at night

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    Sinbad on here uses the ED coated B&S bins and they were great when I breifly borrowed them!
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    Thanks guys, just bought a pair of B&S Saharas...10x42.....hopefully they'll do the job for me..and not the end of the world if they get damaged..

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    Hi mate, where did you get them from and how much, Im aftersome binos. Ive looked on-line but just to many to choose from and the difference in price !!!. I registered for DSC 2 at Barony this week are you doing yours?.

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    Hi Johnathon....Good to hear from you mate...

    I bought mine from an Ebay seller, tho, they came from Amazon...sounds like he doesnt actually hold a stock of them...arrived today, with Special Delivery...which was free...cost was 67.

    I love them, 1 year complete warranty, 5 years parts and labour warranty, and 10 years parts warranty...canny fault that for the money...they have a really clear "vision" too, and so sharp. AND, they feel good in yer hands....Just got to try them at dusk now, see what the light gathering is like..

    There is another seller doing them for cheaper than that...item no is 130676126985

    Wont be doing my 2 till later in the year, mibbes early next year...I'll get checking on dates, and give Baroney a wee call..cos, I wont be going anywhere else now...great place to do it..

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    Cheers Mate, I'll take a look at them thats a good price as well, what make are they and size?. Ive just sent the forms back for the DSC 2 to Baroney, I wouldn't go anywhere else either.

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    LOL, Clue is in the name...Barr and Stroud.... 10 x 42....

    ​When are you intending doing the 2??

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