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Thread: Zeiss HD or Kahles Binos?

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    Zeiss HD or Kahles Binos?

    Im thinking about upgrading my binos to either the Zeiss Conquest hd or Kahles, both are 8 x 42 and roughly the same price.
    Does anyone have experience of either of these binos and what would you recommend?
    Virtutis Gloria Merces

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    I have the Khales mine are about four or five yrs old now very good .only paid about 500 then .

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    I bought the Zeiss Conquest HD in 8 x 42 in December and they are great. Light and compact, clear optics, great in the half dark. My dad likes them to and bought a pair at the Deer Stalking Fair last weekend.


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    I don't think you will go wrong with either although the conquest are the budget binos for Zeiss and I always think in the UK Khales kit is underrated.
    go with what suits your eyes and hands best, both will give years of excellent service.

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    Kahles. If you really want a good thorough review of binoculars, go to the bird watching forums. The testing they do far exceeds anything we usually do.
    The budget Zeiss binos are not as well thought of as you'd think. Some minox models fair better. The Kahles are better thought of in Europe. Probably due to Swarovski punting its tactical type stuff through the brand?
    ​Just don't let on that you're a deer stalker when visiting!

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    I bought a pair of Zeiss conquest 8x42 HD on the recommendation of the sellers, I was about to buy a pair of EL`s 10x42 and opted for the zeiss...Sold them rapidly and bought the swarovski EL`s...If you cant make the pice of swarovski, look at the better Minox HG 8.5x42 they are brilliant for the money...Never used or tried khales

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