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    I have a .17HMR in my tcket and have applied for a .22 I use a CZ .17 and after having the trigger sorted have found it a great rifle, rather than getting a CZ in .22 I thought I would ask if anyone had any preferences or USEFUL comments

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    I shoot a Sako finfire, one of the models with the heavy barrel.
    Its great, it seems like a lot of other rimfires are made to a lesser standard than centrefires, but it doesn't feel like this with the sako.

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    As above, the Finfires are superb guns. THere is a cheap one on in Swanage, Dorset.

    Hardly use my .22 now so only have a cheap old CZ thing.

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    i still use my bsa century its older then me but carnt fault it in any way what so ever at 80yrds 1/4" groups every time wiv target ammo so dont pass the older guns by

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    Brought a Sako Quad with a .22LR varmint barrel at the game fair.

    It fits in to my cabinet well with the Sako 75 and Sako 85's I have.

    I spent around 20 mins or so to Zero from new and the results to the zerod 75yrds are fantastic.

    I'm not sure if the heavier barrel is helping.. but it's clover leave groups so far!

    Look forward to getting the .17hmr barrel in the near future.

    You cant go wrong with a sako.

    Price 580



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    I shoot a Browning 'A' bolt and it is a fantastic rifle...........'M'

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    Just bought an HW66 in .17hmr. It is very very good. The trigger is as good an off the shelf unit as I have ever used.
    This is it including moderator.

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    I have an anschutz 1517 HB moderator and its an absoloute tack driver it does the job for me.I would only consider .22lr if i had masses of rabbits and needed to go subsonic to get more shots in but then you've also got a problem with ricochets they're a nightmare.
    ATB Neil

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    I have an anschutz match .22 single shot target rifle my father bought me when I first started shooting at the small bore club. I don't have the heart to ever let it go even if I could sell it but......

    It now has a harris fitted and a 6-24x50 on a raised rail for the rabbits 8) . It weighs the same as a planet but it's unbeatable in terms of pinpoint accuracy. Not quite of the same breed as most rabbit rimfires but I use a hell of a lot less ammo than everyone else

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    I shot the barrel out of a .22 Brno about 10yrs ago, changed that for CZ which i change 2yrs ago for a Browning T Bolt carbine - great bit of kit with a rotary 10 shot mag although the trigger lets in down.

    My rabbitin pal shots a Sako Quad in .17/.22 however my butcher wont take the rabbits shot with a .17 as too much bruising/damage, personally I'd never change from a .22 to a .17...


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